Dear Parent, 

Does your elementary school-aged child struggle in any of these areas?

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Organization
  • Time management

Does your child's homework take twice as long to complete as it should?

Has your child become anxious about or resistant to doing homework?

Does your child expect to do poorly in certain subjects?

Has homework time become an unpleasant battle in your household?

Does your child show signs of dyslexia?

Lauren Thompson, Mindful Tutor
My mindful tutoring services could be the answer.

I offer mindful academic help, by providing emotional as well as learning support.

When we are feeling anxious, fearful, or angry, our ability to learn drops dramatically. Brain scan studies have shown that when the “fight-or-flight” parts of our brain are activated, the higher-order-thinking areas of our brain are deactivated. In order to learn new skills and information, we need to be in a calm state of mind. This is true for children and adults alike.

Happily, studies show that the practice of mindfulness can reduce anxiety, help focus our mind, and even increase our overall sense of contentment. I begin each tutoring session with a brief mindfulness exercise, helping children ease their anxieties about homework so that learning comes more easily. My own empathy, patience, extensive knowledge, and sense of fun help children experience success rather than frustration with homework and learning.

Visit my page About Mindfulness to learn more about this fundamental skill.

I am an IDA* Certified Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist, trained in the Wilson Reading System and in PAF (Preventing Academic Failure). These are IDA-approved remedial programs proven to help those with serious reading difficulties, or dyslexia, learn to read. Visit my page Orton-Gillingham-based Training page to learn more.

I know how to connect with kids and schoolwork issues. I have a solid base of knowledge in all elementary school disciplines, and I know how to guide students to understanding from numerous angles. I have worked as a mindful tutor through the PS 154 after school program, and widely as a private tutor as well. I thrive on being a championing presence in children's lives. I am also a bestselling children’s book author.

*International Dyslexia Association

"A calm mind is a mind that is ready to learn."

Please contact me at or 646-286-6758.

Let’s talk about how I can give your child — and your family — a fresh start with homework.